Bluelab Meters (Readings on Demand)

A hydroponic test Meter is a portable device which the grower can carry with them to test nutrient solutions.

It is an ideal device to have when multiple tanks need to be tested in different locations.

The meter gives an “on demand” reading. This means the meter needs to be turned on and inserted into the nutrient solution before a reading┬ácan be taken.

After taking a reading, the meter it is then turned off and stored in a convenient location for future use.

There are a number of different types of hydroponic meters.

Some meters specialise in measuring one variable only i.e. measuring pH only, or measuring conductivity only

Or you can purchase a Combo meter which can measure a number of variables on the one-meter e.g. pH, conductivity, and temperature.

The Bluelab meters cater for the international growing community. This means that the unit of measurement on the meters can be changed to suit the common unit of measurement used by growers in a particular region. For example, the conductivity readings on their meters are interchangeable between EC, CF, pm 500, ppm 700 scale.

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