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Pure Hydroponics is located in the Bay of Plenty region of clean, green New Zealand.

Residents living in this North Island region enjoy the close proximity of some amazing coastline, forests, rivers and snow covered mountains.

The main industries in the Bay of Plenty area are Kiwifruit, Avocados, Pine Forestry, Farming and Tourism as well as a wide range of technology focussed export companies.

The New Zealand Hydroponic Industry

Hydroponics has always experienced a strong history of innovation in New Zealand, especially in the area of recirculating systems.

The New Zealand Hydroponic industry is mostly made up of a large number of small to medium sized commercial growers as well as a segment of large corporate growers.

It is through these smaller satellite growers that a lot of the innovations in the industry have been developed and passed on.

Each grower tends to specialise in a certain crop and they are continually experimenting with new ideas to improve their crops or to make growing easier and less expensive.

Our Focus

Pure Hydroponics believes that hydroponic vegetable and flower production should be clean, healthy, nutritious, reliable, predictable and repeatable.

We ensure that the hydroponic equipment and consumables we supply are manufactured or sourced from within New Zealand as much as possible to support our local industry.
Any products that aren’t able to be sourced locally can be supplied directly to our international clients from overseas factories to keep prices as competitive as possible.

Providing the most cost effective and quality solution for a grower is of utmost importance, so logistics are looked at from every angle to keep costs down for the grower.

Our customer service is top quality, providing prompt & knowledgeable advice in an easy to understand manner.

The Pure Hydroponics product range is rigorously field tested and proven to maximise yields.

Growers who deal with Pure Hydroponics enjoy a stress free growing experience, backed by excellent advice and support.