Commercial Hydroponic Growing Systems

Pure Hydroponics provides a full Commercial Hydroponic System design and supply service.

We are specialists in NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique) and we also provide the option of Drip Fertigation Systems for vine crop growers who have a preference for that style of growing.

Ebb and Flow flood and drain tables are used for propagating the seedlings in all of our system designs.

NFT is our preferred system for producing lettuces, herbs, strawberries and leafy greens.

NFT is a thin film of nutrient solution flowing along the base of a flat bottomed PVC gully. The system is fully recirculating which means it is a very resource efficient growing method. The nutrient solution is recycled and conserved, and only a small amount of growing media is required per plant compared to media based systems.

The thin film of recirculating solution is able to be easily heated or chilled to suit the season and it can also be effectively sanitised and re-oxygenated.

We can also use NFT systems for vine crops such as tomatoes, capsicums, cucumber, beans and eggplant etc.

The industry standard for vine crops is a Drip Fertigation System, although there is now a resurgence in popularity for using NFT systems as global water shortages and rising nutrient costs start to have an impact on growers.

Pure Hydroponics is therefore able to cater for both preferences.

Our growing systems are carefully designed and can be adapted to suit all climates and crop types.

We are not involved with Aeroponics, Floating Raft systems or other variations of hydroponic systems.

Pure Hydroponics can design and supply commercial growing systems to fit an existing greenhouse or we can supply a turn-key system comprising of a hydroponic system, greenhouse and climate control.

For growers located in distant countries we also offer a shopping list and design service which allows growers to source PVC pipework and common equipment locally and Pure Hydroponics supplies the specialist equipment only such as NFT gullies, dosing control system and NFT system accessories. This keeps freight costs down for the grower and can make the overall project more affordable.

Please see the following pages for further information and a full description of each system type we can supply.