Turnkey Raspberry & Blueberry Systems

Pure Hydroponics is able to provide growers with a full turn-key package for Raspberry or Blueberry growing.

In conjunction with world renowned New Zealand berry breeder Harvey Hall and the state-of-the-art research facilities at Whenua Fruits in Rotorua, New Zealand, Pure Hydroponics is able to offer a full package to berry growers.

This includes:

  • Tunnel house selection, supply and installation
  • Hydroponic growing system design and supply and installation.
  • High performance berry cultivar supply
  • Full grower support, grower training and a consultancy package to ensure success.
  • Ongoing consumables such as custom nutrient formulas, growing media.
  • Market access for selling the berry produce.

Instead of investing in pine forestry or dairy farming our goal is to steer investors and landholders towards the lucrative berry market. This provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly and high value alternative to these existing land use activities.

Wasteland can be converted into productive greenhouse operations that employ and empower local communities.

Nutrient solution and water usage is incredibly efficient, and all inputs are collected, recycled and then given a second life on outdoor crops. No more agricultural runoff or unsustainable land use activities.

The high-performance berry cultivars developed by Harvey Hall and Whenua Fruits are brand new to the international market and provide a significant advantage for berry growers over conventional cultivars in terms of increased yield and disease resistance.

Let the team from Pure Hydroponics and Whenua Fruits give you a smooth entry into the lucrative berry growing market and support you to become another success story.

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