Converting from Soil to Hydroponics

Any crop type can be grown hydroponically provided that the root zone can be accommodated in a hydroponic media.

Many soil grown crops have vast root systems but this does not exclude them from being hydroponically grown.

There is currently a growth industry with traditional soil crops being moved out of the soil and into a hydroponic growing system under greenhouse cover.

Recent examples of this include various berry crops such as blueberries but any crop type is possible.

The increase in yields and associated benefits experienced from converting soil crops to hydroponics is significant.

  • Hydroponic Crop nutrition is precise so the crop can be steered more effectively towards more favorable outcomes – there is no more guesswork with nutrition.
  • Moving out of the soil and into a sterile growing media greatly reduces the risk of root disease
  • All inputs such as water, growing media and nutrients can be assured as sterile and of a high quality
  • The temperature inside a greenhouse is more favourable for optimal crop growth and air movement can be controlled. This allows year-round growing of a higher quality crop to be achievable and in many cases without the need for winter heating systems.
  • The protection of the greenhouse cover from rain and hail significantly reduces blemishes and fungal diseases.
  • Many pests can be excluded from the growing area when using a greenhouse so this greatly reduces the reliance on agrichemicals pesticides and reduces crop losses.
  • Plants are positioned at a more favourable working height alongside purpose built access pathways within the greenhouse – this makes harvesting and management of the crop much more efficient.
  • Large areas of infertile soil are now able to be converted into beneficial production using hydroponic growing methods.

Pure Hydroponics can provide assistance with hydroponic system design, growing media selection, growbag slection, custom nutrient formulations, system automation.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to discuss the possibility of converting your next soil crop into hydroponics.