Drip Fertigation Systems

Drip Fertigation Systems are the industry standard internationally for producing crops such as Tomatoes, Capsicums, Cucumbers and Flowers.

A Drip Fertigation System feeds a liquid nutrient solution to the plants in the exact proportions they require.

The systems can be fed via a batched dosing tank or an inline injection system.

This ensures the exact nutrient strength and pH level is attained before it is fed to the crop.  A Solar Integrator or Enviro Sensor is incorporated into the automated fertigation system to ensure the crop is only fertigated when required in response to light intensity or a combination of other environmental factors such as humidity and temperature (or rain and wind if the crop is not under cover).

When using a Solar Integrator the crop is fertigated more frequently on clear sunny days than on overcast days. This helps to preserve valuable nutrient and prevents over watering.

Any surplus run off from the growing media can be treated and re-used or applied to pasture and other soil crops via a run off discharge system.

By being in full control of the fertigation frequency and nutrient strength the grower can effectively steer the crops to be more vegetative or generative depending on the volume of produce demanded by the market at a certain time.

Greenhouses can be divided into multiple zones which are isolated by electric solenoid valves. This allows crops which have different ages and nutritional requirements to be individually managed but be fed from the same pump room

Drip Fertigation systems are typically a lower cost system than other hydroponic methods such as NFT. A high proportion of the cost is determined by the level of technology in the pump room (i.e control system) and the overall size of the greenhouse(s) (i.e the number of irrigation zones and different recipes required).

Pure Hydroponics can design and supply Drip Fertigation systems to fit an existing greenhouse or we can supply a turn-key system package comprising of Drip Fertigation system, greenhouse and climate control system.

For growers located in distant countries we also offer a shopping list and design service which allows growers to source PVC pipework and common equipment locally and Pure hydroponics supplies the specialist equipment only such as growing media, crop support systems, dosing control system and system accessories. This keeps freight costs down for the grower and can make the overall project more affordable.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for a per square metre estimate for a Drip Fertigation system or a quotation for our shopping list and design services.

All interested parties must complete the attached Commercial Design Questionnaire as part of their enquiry.

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