Crop and Growing System Advice

Pure Hydroponics represents a network of some of the best hydroponic consultants and suppliers in the New Zealand industry.

Because of the export nature of our business, most of our assistance is provided online to overseas clients via the internet or telephone.

Pure Hydroponics is able to solve most problems involving a hydroponic crop or system through the exchange of digital photos, accurate descriptions and laboratory test results.

Many of our clients do not speak English as their first language. For these clients we are more than happy to correspond with photos and diagrams as these are often just as valuable as words.

If the client does not have a reputable laboratory available to them then leaf samples, nutrient solution samples, or water samples are able to be sent to our preferred laboratory in New Zealand for a prompt analysis at minimal cost.

Pure Hydroponics can also provide technical advice for system expansion or automation as well as trouble shooting.

If the client’s budget permits, Pure Hydroponics is available to send a representative overseas to visit their farm for an on site evaluation.

Members of our network may also be in the vicinity of a client’s hydroponic farm while attending overseas conferences or as part of their regular international grower visits so please check availability with us.

We are happy to be of service so please let us know if we can be of assistance.