Hydroponic System Design & Shopping List Service

A Commercial Hydroponic System should be supplied and installed in the most efficient and economical way possible.

It does not make economic sense to ship large amounts of pipework and commonly available equipment on long voyages  overseas. This results in unnecessary freight costs and excessive importation duties and taxes when the goods arrive at their overseas location.

Pure Hydroponics is based in New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere, yet there are endless opportunities for commercial hydroponic growing systems worldwide. Many countries need assistance with project management to enable commercial hydroponic farms to be designed, installed and be successful.

Our geographic location should not be seen a barrier in preventing us from offering our expertise to growers in all parts of the world.

To overcome these barriers we offer international growers a Commercial Hydroponic System Design and Shopping List Service with Technical Installation Drawings.

This allows us to custom design commercial growing systems to fit a grower’s own choice of greenhouse.

It is so much more cost effective if a grower can work with greenhouse companies in their own region. Pure Hydroponics can assist with greenhouse selection. By working with local greenhouse suppliers the freight and installation costs of the greenhouse is significantly reduced and after sales support and replacement accessories for the greenhouse are close at hand.The grower can then provide us with a floor plan of their chosen greenhouse design and we can provide a quotation for designing the hydroponic system to fit inside.

Once this quotation is approved we then commence work on the hydroponic system design to maximize the use of the available greenhouse space.

A Shopping List is then prepared which outlines all of the parts in the system as well as a parts identification chart so growers can obtain pricing for most of the common equipment such as PVC pipes, fittings, valves, pumps, tanks etc from their local suppliers.

Pure Hydroponics can then quote the supply of any specialized equipment that is likely to be unavailable locally such as NFT hydroponic gully, dosing controllers, pressure compensated drippers etc.

Once the sources of all of the equipment has been finalised the grower will then have a complete picture of the overall project cost.

We can then proceed with preparing installation drawings so the grower can start pre-installation preparations as soon as the greenhouse structure is erected.

The technical drawings are comprehensive and give the grower the choice of installing the hydroponic system themselves (with internet and telephone support available) or they can complete most of the basic installation work themselves and Pure Hydroponics can send an installation supervisor to visit the site and oversee the installation of the more technical parts such as the pump room. They can then commission the system and provide on site training.

For a quotation for the Design and Shopping List service please complete the questionnaire below and return it to Pure Hydroponics. We can then submit our quotation within 2 working days.

Commercial System Design Questionnaire