Hydroponic Crop & System Performance Review – Increase Yields By At Least 10%!

Without a control system to compare to, many hydroponic growers are driving blind, thinking they are getting the best results when they could be achieving so much more.

Pure Hydroponics offers a Hydroponic Crop and System Performance Review Service. This allows us to identify the weaknesses in your growing system or growing technique and identify problems with your crop. Once these issues are rectified growers can then move forward with higher yields and additional income that can be used to further grow their business or improve their lifestyle.

We are confident we can improve yields for commercial growers by at least 10% by completing this evaluation.

The Hydroponic Crop and System Performance Review Service is an online service for growers anywhere in the world.

A questionnaire is issued to the grower and in combination with that we collect various pieces of information and photos to build an overall picture of the growing operation.

All aspects are assessed such as:

  • Hydroponic system design
  • Hydroponic system operation
  • Hydroponic nutrient recipe and ingredients
  • Fertigation schedules
  • Root zone health assessment
  • Assessment of growing media
  • Assessment of water supply and treatment
  • Hydroponic system maintenance and sanitation

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for a quotation for this service. The improved results will easily pay for itself.