Custom Projects

Despite the vast range of irrigation products and electronic equipment available on the market today there are still plenty of products that are yet to be developed.

Pure Hydroponics is part of a network of tool makers, plastic manufacturers and electronic engineers who can custom design products to suit any purpose.

We do not just specialise in hydroponic applications, but any area that involves the delivery, testing and control of water or nutrient solutions.

Custom projects we have worked on recently include the development of a Solar Powered Text messaging device and high powered LED warning light system which is triggered by an inline flow switch. This alerts the grower by a text message or LED light display if their pump is stopped due to a malfunction or power cut. Such technology is critical for growers in hot climates where the power supply is unreliable and there is only a short time period where plants can survive without nutrient flow.

We have also recently developed a Phytoplankton propagation system for a marine studies laboratory which requires the precise automated dosing of water into clear polycarbonate cylinders. The system had to be designed in a way which enabled it to be accurately dosed and easily disassembled for efficient cleaning and sterilisation.

Please contact Pure Hydroponic to discuss any custom projects you may require and we will see if we can provide a simple solution for your problem.