International Medical Marijuana Advisory Service

There have been various law changes around the world which have enabled Marijuana to be grown for medical or research purposes.

This has allowed scientists to study the various aspects of Marijuana and it’s applications for medical use.

Pure Hydroponics is supportive of this research in the interests of finding natural alternatives to common pharmaceutical medicines for the treatment of pain and various other ailments in humans.

We support this research and any health-related products that are made from Marijuana on the basis that they are made at reputable companies and the products are provided to patients in the form of capsules, sprays and creams.

We are not supportive of Marijuana being grown purely for recreational smoking and psychoactive purposes. It is our belief that the human brain is still developing when a person is in their early twenties and the early consumption of Marijuana strains which have psychoactive properties can affect healthy brain development and subsequent mental and physical health in the human population.

Based on this position we are happy to be of service to any commercial clients who share this view and require professional advice and support with their proposed Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) growing operation.

Our support services are only available to countries that have legislation that permits Marijuana (Cannabis) to be legally grown for research or medical purposes.

Pure Hydroponics can assist with the design, supply, and commissioning of greenhouse or grow room facilities for Medical Marijuana Production using the latest technology. We can also offer full support for new and existing growers in terms of crop advice, crop nutrition, lighting selection and system automation.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics by email to further discuss your upcoming project.