Vegetable & Flower Sleeves

Vegetable and Flower Sleeves are the best way to present fresh produce to the market.

They provide a clear protective covering which enhances the colouring and saleability of the plant.

The sleeve also protects the plant from any friction damage when it is packed into crates or boxes alongside other plants.

The sleeves are made from crystal clear polypropylene which can be supplied plain or custom printed with a clients logo. Special stickers can also be made to attach to the sleeves.

The tapered shape of the sleeves allows them to be pulled around the plant and held in place without the use of a rubber band (rubber bands can still be used if preferred).

The sleeves are supplied in bunches of 100 and are joined at the top with a perforated lip that contains two holes to hang the sleeves from. Simply hang each bunch of sleeves from two hooks on the wall in the packing room and pull each sleeve open from around its collar and drop the plant in. The sleeve can then be easily torn away from the perforated lip.

The sleeves are available as closed bottom or open bottom for drainage, with plain walls or with micro perforated walls (hot needle) to provide for airflow.

Measurements are taken vertically down the centre of the sleeve first, then horizontally across the top, then horizontally across the bottom of the sleeve.

A wide range of sleeves are available in  the following sizes:

  • 35x16x08 cm
  • 35x20x08 cm
  • 35x22x08 cm
  • 35x30x10 cm
  • 40x27x12 cm
  • 40x35x15 (Lettuce Sleeve)
  • 45x21x10 cm
  • 45x25x12 cm
  • 45x27x12 cm
  • 45x30x13 cm
  • 45x33x16 cm
  • 45x35x15 cm
  • 45x35x18 cm
  • 45x40x18 (Large Lettuce Sleeve)
  • 50x16x09 cm
  • 50x25x10 cm
  • 50x30x12 cm
  • 60x30x10 cm
  • 60x35x13 cm
  • 70x38x10 cm
  • 70x42x12 cm
  • 70x45x15 cm

Take a step forward in improving your sales with the use of crystal clear produce sleeves.

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35x30x15cm Sleeve