Hydroponic Nutrient Ingredients

Pure Hydroponics can supply all of the ingredients contained within a high performance hydroponic nutrient formulation.

Due to farm size or geographic location, many growers prefer to purchase their own recipe from Pure Hydroponics and make their own nutrient formulation.

Pure Hydroponics can ship the ingredients in full 25kg bags on mixed pallets or we can supply any quantity by the kilogram.

Pure Hydroponics checks the Certificate of Analysis for all ingredients to ensure they are of the highest quality prior to purchasing.

Some ingredients are classed as a dangerous good for shipping purposes (as indicated in the list below) so clients are asked to please check with their local authorities before ordering to make sure there are no special regulations with importing those ingredients into your country.

The ingredients we can supply are as follows:

Macro Nutrients

Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate 11.8% N, 16.9% Ca (Class 5.1 Dangerous Good for Shipping)

Calcium Nitrate Prill 15% N, 16.9% Ca

Potassium Nitrate 14%N, 40%K (Class 5.1 Dangerous Good for Shipping)

Monopotassium Phosphate 28.3% K,22.7% P

Magnesium Sulphate 9.9% Mg (Heptahydrate)

Potassium Sulphate 41.7% K

Micro Nutrient – Trace Elements

Iron Chelate DTPA 11% Fe

Manganese Sulphate 28% Mn

Solubor 21% B (Or Boric Acid)

Copper Sulphate 26% Cu (Pentahydrate)

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 33% Zn

Sodium Molybdate 45.5% Mo

Acids for pH Correction

Nitric Acid 65 – 70% – 20 Litres, 200 Litres (Class 8 (5.1) Dangerous Good for Shipping)

Phosphoric Acid 75 – 85% – 20 Litres, 200 Litres (Class 8 Dangerous Good for Shipping)

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for pricing