Nutrient Solution Oxygenation

The effective Oxygenation of a nutrient solution is essential for all types of hydroponic systems, especially recirculating systems such as NFT.

Dissolved Oxygen is the primary means of survival for the parts of a root system which are permanently submersed in a nutrient solution flow or growing in a media that does not have adequate aeration.

Failure to adequately aerate a nutrient solution can lead to suffocation, root death and loss of crop.

Warm climates can quickly highlight any weaknesses in a hydroponic system.

Warm nutrient solutions can hold much less oxygen than a cooler solution. If a hydroponic system does not have adequate oxygenation system in the pump room to maximise oxygen levels in the nutrient solution then the root system of a plant will strugle to gain enough oxygen to survive.

The key methods of maintaining high oxygen levels in a nutrient solution are as follows:

  • The cascading fall of a nutrient solution through clean air into the tank.
  • Chilling the nutrient solution during hot periods to allow it to hold more oxygen.
  • The use of a Venturi Oxygen Injector in the mixing tank.
  • The use of an Air Compressor with an Air Stone in the mixing tank.

Further detail on this equipment is contained within the following pages.