Autogrow MultiGrow – Advanced Greenhouse Climate and Fertigation Controller

The Autogrow MultiGrow is an all-in-one, multiple grow area controller. It runs up to 8 different growing zones, managing climates, reservoirs and irrigation schedules.

Ease of use. Sophisticated control. Effortlessly manage delivery of nutrients and control consistency of humidity, temperature, and light. Our system lets you control multiple greenhouse, tunnel house, hoop houses, indoor growing rooms’ climate compartments with fertigation and/or hydroponic dosing of multiple tanks. Monitor root and aerial environments and receive alerts via rule-based systems for alarm conditions.

The Autogrow MultiGrow Controller is a modular system that can control the climate of up to 8 growing zones or warehouse compartments in addition to managing other functions, such as fertigation, hydroponic dosing and environment monitoring.

The Autogrow MultiGrow Controller is fully customizable and configured to your needs. The products are time-tested and proven in greenhouses, protected cropping, warehouses, and grow rooms. Manage climate control in multiple growing zones effortlessly with the Autogrow MultiGrow Controller.

Key features

8 zones – 1 controller – our Autogrow MultiGrow can run up to 8 different growing zones, managing the environment as well as your reservoirs and irrigation schedules. While the sensors are constantly monitoring every aspect of your grow, the unit is data logging and adjusting to create your perfect environment.

Remote management – all locations controlled by an Autogrow MultiGrow can be accessed through our secure portal at This portal gives you complete visibility 24 hours a day and enables you to manage multiple locations from the comfort of your office using a single sign-on.

Disaster proof – all settings and data are backed up daily to our secure servers, allowing rapid reinstatement in the event of a failure, reducing the risk of data loss, and preserving all your configuration settings.

Support tools – Autogrow’s tech support team can log into the Autogrow MultiGrow to deploy software updates, provide training, and diagnose any faults in the field, eliminating the need for costly site visits.

Secure remote access – accessible via your web browser, so you can control your grow remotely from your phone, tablet or computer. A dual-level login gives you peace of mind that your information is secure. With the ability to set 4 different access levels, you can ensure employees only have access to what they need.

Simple user interface – the Autogrow MultiGrow uses terminology you will understand with easy-to-navigate menus, simple data logging screens, and smooth remote access.

Alerts & alarms – the Autogrow MultiGrow can send notifications to multiple users via email and text message when a warning or alarm is triggered. Each user can set their own parameters, ensuring they are only notified of situations important to them.

Easily installed – the Autogrow MultiGrow is easily installed, using an rs485 network from the computer to Autogrow EnviroSensors, output modules, and remote sensors. Each component has a unique address, so you can determine the simplest install and set-up for your specific situation.

Sensors – utilizing the constant input from the sensors, the Autogrow MultiGrow makes the most efficient decisions on how to manage your environment based on your set points.
All peripherals work with the Autogrow MultiGrow, from a simple fan plugged into a relay box to hundreds of lights hardwired into the system.

Scalable & future-proof – add or change modules over time and easily swap out parts for upgrade or maintenance.

Retrofit – place output modules near what you’re controlling and leverage existing wiring infrastructure.

Value – stop paying for bundled features in your hardware that you never use.

Adaptable – connect a combination of sensors to capture the information you want.


Technical specifications


The EnviroSensor monitors: temperature, humidity, light levels and CO2 (PRO version)

The remote sensor monitors: Nutrient concentration, pH, moisture levels and temperature

Outputs & Inputs

Output modules

Our modules have 10 relays which can be used to directly drive devices such as dosing pumps and switch on larger equipment. Can be set up for automation but also has full hardware override – meaning that you can always take control.


  • RS485 to communicate with controller
  • Power input 12/24V (AC or DC)
  • Outputs
  • Output voltage matches input voltage


  • The Autogrow MultiGrow can connect to up to 32 of any particular module simultaneously. 32 output modules would provide up to 320 individual outputs, and you could also connect 32 nutrient probes and 32 environment sensors at the same time. The mix of these modules depends on how you grow, what you grow, and what other equipment you have. Your Autogrow dealer will help guide you through these decisions
  • One Autogrow MultiGrow Controller can control up to 8 compartments
  • The modules are all connected via an RS485 daisy chain. The maximum total length of this chain is 1.6km. Expansion options are available beyond that.


  • Passive cooling (vent control)
  • HAF fans
  • Shade screens
  • Blackout curtains
  • Side walls
  • Cooling pad/wet wall
  • Hydronic heating
  • Multiple light banks
  • CO2
  • Air conditioner
  • Heater
  • Dehumidifier
  • Humidifier
  • Extraction fans
  • Foggers
  • Batch dosing systems (up to 50 recipes)
  • Continuous dose systems (up to 8 different reservoirs)
  • Dosing of up to 10 different nutrients/additives plus pH adjuster, per reservoir or recipe
  • Irrigation – using accumulated solar radiation, via schedule or rootzone moisture content
  • Heater or chiller to maintain ideal reservoir temperature

The Autogrow MultiGrow is also available with the Autogrow Touch Screen:

Manage your farm and grow environment with the Autogrow Touch Screen, designed to integrate with control systems like the Autogrow MultiGrow Controller.


  • The Autogrow Touch Screen 17? is perfect for connecting to your Autogrow control systems, allowing you to have a richer experience on the bigger screen.
  • Manage variables in your grow environment from this easy-to-use interface and keep track of how your plants and crops are doing.
  • View historical data, review alerts and configure settings from the Autogrow Touch Screen.
  • Standard VESA mechanical design and keyhole mounting gives flexible mounting options.