Premium Hydroponic Nutrient

A well designed hydroponic nutrient is essential for achieving a high quality crop.

The nutrient provides for ideal plant growth, vigour, colour, consistency, structure and texture.

Pure Hydroponics can supply three types of professional hydroponic nutrient:

Level 1 – General Purpose Nutrient – All System Types

One mix, which is suitable for all crop types whether it be leaf crops, vine crops or flower crops.  Simply use a different nutrient strength when growing different crop types in separate hydroponic systems, or an average nutrient strength when sharing the same growing system. Ideal for home growers or small commercial systems.

Level 2 – Crop Specific, System Specific Nutrient

Hydroponic Nutrient specifically designed for your crop type and growing system type.  Pure Hydroponics can design nutrient for all crop types, for example:

Leaf Crops (e.g lettuces, herbs), Vine Crops (e.g Tomatoes, Capsicums, Beans) or Flower Crops (e.g Gerberas, Roses). The formulas are made specifically for either re-circulating or run to waste (non re-circulating) systems. These formulas are ideal for serious home growers and commercial growers who have a reliable, relatively pure water source (e.g rainwater, lab tested town supply, reverse osmosis treated water)

Level 3 – Custom Batched Nutrient, System Specific

This hydroponic nutrient is for serious commercial growers who want the best results possible from their crop.  The consistency of water sources such as town water supplies, bore water and river water can vary considerably from purer water sources such as rain water or reverse osmosis treated water. A laboratory analysis allows us to see what elements are contained within a water profile and what deficiencies or excess elements may be present.  A laboratory analysis can often show that a water supply is unsuitable for hydroponic growing so other water sources therefore need to be considered. A Custom Batched Nutrient is one which is tailored to the grower’s water supply, crop type and system type.  This is the only way to ensure a perfect high performance nutrient. Once the nutrient is in use, some periodic testing of the re-circulating solution or run off can be conducted to fine tune the nutrient so it is in perfect balance.

We can also offer a “Trace Element Bag Only” or “B bag Only” service for large users to help growers save some costs but minimise risk.

All hydroponic nutrient supplied by Pure Hydroponics is Batched.

A Batched Nutrient is where the individual nutrient elements (e.g Mono Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulphate) are weighed out and layered on top of each other to achieve a total bag weight. The full bag is intended to be dissolved all at once into a stock solution tank.

Some elements are not compatible with each other when converted into a concentrated stock solution form so they are grouped together in separate A and B Bags.

The Batched nutrient method avoids the shortcomings of Blended nutrient which is made in bulk and has a tendency for unevenly dispersed elements throughout a total mix.

Hydroponic nutrient is supplied primarily in powder form as this is the most economical way to purchase nutrient.

Nutrient Sizes Available:

  • 5kg (Contains an “A” and “B” Bag)
  • 4x5kg (20kg) (Contains 4 x  “A” Bags and 4 x “B” Bags)
  • 20kg  (Contains an “A” and “B” Bag)
  • Custom Sizes to suit any requirement

Simply add water to make a stock solution.

Nutrients can also be supplied in liquid form but these are simply the same balanced powdered formulas premixed with water and bottled.  Growers get more value for money purchasing a powdered nutrient.

Pure Hydroponic recommends that all commercial growers have a sample of their water supply tested in a laboratory so that we can make a recommendation on the suitability of the water supply and the best nutrient for the type of crop being grown.

By purchasing a pre-batched hydroponic nutrient growers are able to save the time and hassle of having to make it themselves and they do not need to be concerned with the careful storage, handling and weighing of individual raw materials.

They can trust that the nutrient they buy is accurate and made in a professional purpose built manufacturing facility to the highest standards using only the finest raw materials.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics to discuss the best nutrient for your system.

Pure Hydroponics – Mixing Directions – 20kg Pack

1kg of nutrient dissolves into 10 litres of water to make a stock solution.

As a guide 5kg of nutrient crystals/powder will make 5,000 litres of nutrient solution at EC1.0 (CF 10) – A common strength for lettuces and leafy greens.

5kg of nutrient crystals/powder will make 2000 litres of nutrient solution at EC2.75 (CF 27.5) – A common starting strength for tomatoes and capsicums when at fruiting stage.


5kg General Purpose Formula (For Small Growers) – NZ$75.00 + GST

5kg Crop Specific Formula (For Small Growers) – NZ$75.00 + GST

4x5kg (20kg) General Purpose Formula (For Commercial Growers) – P.O.A

4x5kg (20kg) Crop Specific Formula (For Commercial Growers) – P.O.A

20kg Custom Batched Commercial Grower Formulas (For Commercial Growers) P.O.A