High-Performance Berry Cultivars

In conjunction with world renowned New Zealand berry breeder Harvey Hall and the state-of-the-art research facilities at Whenua Fruits in Rotorua, New Zealand, Pure Hydroponics is able to offer a range of high-performance berry cultivars to New Zealand and international berry growers to suit a wide range of growing conditions.

The high-performance Raspberry, Blueberry and strawberry cultivars developed by Harvey Hall and Whenua Fruits are brand new to the international market and provide a significant advantage for berry growers over conventional cultivars in terms of increased yield and disease resistance.

Pure Hydroponics can also offer a complete support package to complement the supply of berry cultivars.

This includes:

  • Tunnel house selection, supply and installation
  • Hydroponic growing system design and supply and installation.
  • High performance berry cultivar supply
  • Full grower support, grower training and a consultancy package to ensure success.
  • Ongoing consumables such as custom nutrient formulas, growing media.
  • Market access for selling the berry produce.

If you are interested in berry growing or are looking for a lucrative new crop to invest in, then contact Pure Hydroponics today.