Ebb and Flow Tables (Nursery System)

Ebb and Flow Tables are the industry standard for propagating seedlings in a modern greenhouse.

The tables allow a large number of seedlings to be propagated in a confined space before they are transplanted into the main hydroponic system.

The Ebb and Flow tables use a flood and drain process to hydrate the growing media from beneath before draining the excess moisture away.

The flooding cycle forces stale air out of the air filled porosity in the growing media and then sucks fresh air back into the media on the drain cycle.

The growing media is not fully submersed but is only partially saturated, allowing capillary action to hydrate the rest of the media to the very top.

Once the table is drained the root zone is exposed to oxygen once more and vigorous seedling growth is promoted.












Depending on the crop type or growth stage, plain water or a weak nutrient solution is pumped onto the tables a number of times each day to maintain a uniform level of moisture in the media at all times.

Aside from their use for propagating, the Ebb and Flow tables can also be used to grow various crops in media filled containers from seedling stage until maturity.
































The Ebb and Flow tables come in two different formats:

  • As a stand alone 4 sided table with a sump on one end into which the flood and drain valves and an overflow valve is connected.


  • As a series of interconnecting plates which can be glued together with a special solvent to make tables up to, or over 10 metres long.
These interconnecting plates are made up as follows:
  • A 3 Sided End Plate with drainage sump on the left hand end of the table (to hold the valves), connecting to any number of:
  • 2 sided Middle Plates connecting to a:
  • 3 Sided End Plate on the right hand end of the table (with or without a drainage sump)

The depth of the tables is 42mm with a series of 21mm deep drainage channels moulded into the base of the trays beneath the 42mm base level.

The drainage channels allow the surface of the tables to become fully dry after draining without leaving any ponding.

Pure Hydroponics mainly stocks the 1200mm wide x 2000mm long plates in a 4 sided or interconnecting plate format.

1200mm is the most common table width as it allows easy access from one or both sides of the table when installed at the end of a hydroponic greenhouse.

We can also supply any of the plate sizes shown in the tables below.

Dimensions marked bold letters, are standard stock items so have a faster dispatch time.

The following trays are available in a 4-sided 1 piece format:

Type   Width (mm)   Length (mm)
330.3   330   1100 – 2040
435.4   435   2015
630.4   630   1100 – 2040
800.5   800   2040
1000.6   1000   1100 – 2040
1200.7   1200   2040
1200.16   1200   2500
1500.9   1500   3000
1600.9   1600   1600
1600.9   1600   3000
1600.9   1600   3500
EUR-plade   1200   800
CC   555   630 – 1260

The following trays are available as 3 Sided End Plates and 2 Sided Interconnecting Middle Plates. These plates can be glued together to make a table of any length. A small division plate can be installed in between the plates to suit any length of table.

Type   Width (mm)   Length (mm)
330.3   330   1000 – 2000
435.4   435   1980
630.4   630   1000 – 2000
800.5   800   2000
1000.6   1000   1000 – 2000
1200.7   1200 – 1220   2000
1300.7   1260 – 1280 – 1300 – 1320 – 1340   2000
1400.8   1360 – 1380 – 1400 – 1420 – 1440   2000
1500.8   1460 – 1480 – 1500 – 1520 – 1540   2000
1600.9   1560 – 1580 – 1600 – 1620 – 1640   2000
1700.9   1660 – 1680 – 1700 – 1720 – 1740   2000
1800.10   1780 – 1800 – 1820   1500
1900.11   1880 – 1900 – 1920   1500
2000.11   1980 – 2000 – 2020   1500
2200.12   2200   1500
1600.10-AIR   1600 – 1620   1000


**2019 UPDATE – We can now have Ebb and Flow tables made within the USA to cater for the USA and Canadian market. Please see the attached chart below for more information**

USA Stock

Please see PDF link below for an example of how the plates connect together.

Tray Layout

Most of our clients use the Ebb and Flow table plates on a fixed bench support frame made of either timber, galvanised steel or aluminium.

The general guidelines for constructing the support frame are as follows:

  1. The bench trays must generally be supported with a maximum of 500mm space between cross members
  2. A cross member support must be placed within 70mm from the lower lip of the plate where two plates are glued together.
  3. A cross member support must be placed within 200mm from the end of the tray .
  4. The drainage sump must not rest on the cross member.

The table plates are glued at the point where the two plates intersect above the lip.

Support Framec


















The Ebb and Flow tables come with a range of specialised accessories to custom fit your propagating system. These are shown on the following pages.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for pricing or further advice on how to custom build an Ebb and Flow system for your greenhouse or growroom.


































Ebb & Flow Setup










Table plate