Ebb and Flow Glue

A special glue is required for joining the inter-connecting Ebb and Flow table plates together.

This glue is supplied in 300ml tubes and used with a glue dispenser gun.

When the bench trays are correctly placed in the bench frames, the glue is pressed into the grove (NOT between the overlapping of the trays), and any extra glue is scraped off with a steel putty knife.

Always use as little glue as possible. Excessive use will damage the trays which is not covered by warranty. As principal rule the use of glue must not exceed 1 litre of glue per 20 meter glue joint (1 tube per 6 meter of glue joint).

The glue must dry for at least 24 hours at 20° Celsius. If the temperature is bellow 20° Celsius, the dry time is increased. It`s important that the temperature is kept constant during drying.

Please contact pure Hydroponics for pricing.