Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches

As an alternative to Fixed Bench Ebb and Flow Systems, Pure Hydroponics is able to supply Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench systems.

The Rolling Benches maximises the use of available greenhouse space.

With a Fixed Bench there is a set pathway around each Ebb and Flow table.

With a Rolling Bench the Ebb and Flow table is able to shift left or right using a series of rollers top of the support frame.

This means that tables can be stacked side by side with no gaps in between and the grower separates them only when they need to get access between a certain table.

This method allows a higher number of Ebb and Flow tables to be fitted inside a certain growing area.

The use of Flexible feed and return lines on the valves allows the tables to be moved left or right without putting strain on the valves or irrigation system.

The before and after photos below show a Rolling bench with the Tables together and then separated to create the pathway in between.

All Rolling Benches are custom designed to suit a growers greenhouse area and are supplied with technical installation drawings.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for  a customised quotation to suit your requirements.

Rolling Benches Together












Rolling Benches Apart