Growing Media

There are a wide range of growing medias which are suitable for using in hydroponics.

A good hydroponic growing media should provide adequate support for the plant when it is in the growing system, absorb and retain moisture, be porous to allow air circulation and proper drainage, not break down and be able to protect the plant’s roots from temperature extremes.

Growers pick and choose their preferred media based on the above mentioned attributes as well as the following aspects:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Suitability for crop type
  • Ease of use
  • Performance

Pure Hydroponics stocks an excellent variety of growing medias to cater for the different preferences of growers.

We do have our preferences on what works best for certain crop types. Our recommendations are listed below:

LettucesOur preferred media for this type of crop is 25x25x40mm Rockwool cubes. We favour this media for its sterility, performance and ready to use cube format. It is also an excellent low volume, lightweight  media for international shipping. A medium grade vermiculite is also suitable.

Tomatoes, Capsicums, Beans, Cucumbers, Flower Crops – Our preferred type of media is Coconut Coir.

Seedlings can be raised in rockwool propagating cubes, or coconut coir filled seedling trays prior to being transplanted on top of bags or slabs containing coconut coir media.

Coconut Coir is favoured for its organic nature and biodegradability, the ability to choose different grades to suit your crop type or climate and its excellent all round performance.

The coir is usually shipped in compressed blocks or slabs and hydrated on site to make a much larger volume (expansion factor of 4). This makes is a lightweight , low volume media for shipping and setting up.

Herbs – Our preferred media is a Vermiculite/Perlite mixture.

Please see the following pages for a more in depth analysis of each type of growing media.