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Pumice is a cheap and readily available hydroponic media which is mined in New Zealand.

This porous volcanic rock allows for good water retention and aeration, and the use of a combination of fine and coarse materials allows a grower to manipulate the drainage capacity of the media.

Pumice can also be mixed with other types of growing media e.g vermiculite or coir, to improve aeration and drainage.

Pumice is slow to break down and is very lightweight. Its light coloured appearance makes it an ideal media for summer growing as it does not attract heat.

It is popular for tomatoes and capsicums grown in bags, or lettuces and herbs propagated in NFT growpots.

Pumice is graded and kiln dried to 80 Degrees C prior to supply which means it is sterile and ready to use. Dust is eliminated as part of the screening and washing process.

The following grades are available:

  • 1-2mm
  • 1-4mm
  • 1-7mm (Most popular for hydroponics)
  • 4-20mm

Available in:

  • 25 litre bags
  • 1.25m3 woven bulk bags (20 Bags per 20′ container)
  • Full 20 or 40 foot open top container loads.