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Perlite is a volcanic rock which has been superheated into very lightweight, white, clean, expanded glass granules.

Perlite has similar properties and uses to vermiculite but, in general, holds more air and less water so needs to be irrigated more frequently. It is often mixed with vermiculite to improve its water holding capacity.

Expanded perlite is physically stable and chemically inert. The porous nature of the granules makes it lightweight to handle, holds good quantities of readily available moisture and has a strong capillary action. Since it is free draining, it is also well aerated.

Perlite is available in fine, medium or coarse grades.  2 – 5 mm grades are most commonly used in hydroponics, and are pre-screened before use to eliminate any fines, or dust.

Perlite is popular for use in propagating trays for cuttings or seedlings, usually when an overhead misting system is used. Because of its lightweight nature it should ideally be mixed with other medias when used in a flood and drain system to prevent it from floating.

Perlite is also a popular media for growers of tomatoes & other vine crops where it can be purchased in pre-packed slabs, or used as a loose media to fill PB bags or plastic planter pots.

Perlite is also an excellent material to use as a soil conditioner to improve aeration and drainage in gardens or field plantations.

Grades available:

  • Medium Grade x 100 Litre Bags
  • Coarse Grade x 100 Litre Bags
  • Litefill – For Concrete Work
  • Smaller bags are available on request.
  • 100 Litre Bags (1 – 5 Bags) = $65.00 + GST + Freight
  • 100 Litre Bags (5 + Bags) Please contact us for a Commercial Grower Discount.