Product Specials

Our current special is on a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System.


Normally NZ$5,800.00 (+ GST)

Stock Clearance Price of NZ$3,950.00 ( + GST)


A pure water supply is one of the key ingredients to growing a perfect hydroponic crop.

By removing impurities out of the water supply a grower using a recirculating system does not have to purge or dump their tank nearly as often. This is a major cost saving for them by conserving valuable nutrients.

Drip systems and recirculating systems are kept much cleaner, which means there is less likelihood of dripper blockages or a build up of unwanted precipitates.

Only the pure elements supplied by the nutrient formulation are made available to the plants rather than any unwanted impurities from the water supply which can restrict nutrient uptake by the plants.

After a water supply is treated with a reverse osmosis system the water is nearly 100% pure. This makes it a valuable source of drinking water for the home as well as feed water for the hydroponic system.

The unit we have on special is a Ros Com 800 Reverse Osmosis System. It is in brand new condition.

The unit is capable of making between 3028 –  3785 litres of pure water per day.

The specifications achieved when shop tested at a 46% recovery rate are as follows:

System Pressure              190psi   (maximum allowable pressure 200psi)

Treated water                   2.1L/min (permeate)

Waste                                   2.5L/min

Total Flow                           4.6L/min

Percent recovery             46%

Treated water (permeate) quality 1.2 micro-siemens  (0.0012 millisiemens (EC))

Please see attached product manual and specifications:

Ros Com 800 RO Unit Specifications

User Manual

As with all Reverse Osmosis systems a percentage of the water fed into the Reverse Osmosis system comes out as waste water containing the removed impurities. This waste water can be diverted down a drain to waste or used on soil crops. It does not affect the treated water total.

Replacement Parts

The main component that would ever need replacing is the replacement membrane —  XLE-4021

Typically the membrane should last about 2 to 3 years.

The pre filters are the 20” slimline type with the first being a 5 micron pleated followed by a carbon block cartridge for any chlorine removal.


20CTO/2  (Carbon Block)

Typically these would be changed every 6 months.

The ongoing maintenance costs are therefore minimal compared to the wide range of benefits gained from using a Reverse Osmosis system.

If the water supply is of unknown quality and may have higher sediment loading at times then we would strongly advise another large prefilter be included before the built in ones to ensure good sediment holding capacity.

A 20” Jumbo housing with 5 micron pleated would be the best option. (20BWH)  (Filter housing) (one off price) with a replaceable 20BPF05 cartridge filter insert

A cartridge change would be required approximately every 6 months.

The total system is very simple to install and use.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for a  freight quotation.