Mini Systems

Pure Hydroponics can supply Hydroponic Mini Systems to suit growers who wish to start out small and develop their growing technique before committing to a larger growing system.

They are also ideal for the home hobby grower who wants to grow their own supply of fresh vegetables or flowers.

The systems are supplied in kitset form allowing a grower to easily assemble them using technical drawings. The systems are also easy to extend and modify.

Three types of Mini Systems are available:

  • NFT Mini Systems – For lettuces, herbs and strawberries (100x50mm gully), or tomatoes, capsicums, beans, flowers, strawberries (155×70 or 225x80mm Gully).
  • Drip Fertigation Mini Systems – For tomatoes, capsicums, beans, flowers, strawberries (plants are grown in cocoslabs and fed with drippers).
  • Ebb and Flow Mini Systems – For seedling production.

The Mini Systems are custom made to any size.

Fresh produce grown in the Mini Systems can be used to feed families or small communities.

The Mini Systems also allow the new grower to show potential markets the high quality produce they would expect from a hydroponic system – locally grown and fresh from the system.

To house the Mini Systems, growers will often construct their own greenhouses from timber and attach professional greenhouse films and accessories supplied by Pure Hydroponics.

Alternatively we can ship small professional steel or aluminium framed greenhouses especially suited for the purpose.

Simply let us know the length and width of the land area or greenhouse available and the crop types and crop volumes you wish to grow and we can custom design a suitable system for you.

Systems include:

  • Growing system (e.g. Drip system, NFT system)
  • Media for first crop (rockwool cubes, cocoslabs, media filled growpots)
  • Pump
  • Air pump
  • Tank
  • Hydroponic nutrient
  • pH correction liquid
  • Crop support system
  • Handheld meter for testing nutrient and pH strength


3 x 1.5m Garden

Ebb and Flow Mini System