Other Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controllers play an important role in hydroponic production.

They remove the guess work from growing and make life easier for the grower.

Hydroponic growing is highly scientific but with the use of well designed controllers it can be made very simple.

Growers can use these instruments to maintain full control of their crop and make quality production predictable and repeatable.

The time savings from using an automated controller is significant. Growers can invest the time they save into other parts of their business resulting in greater profitability.

A greenhouse which has an automated environment control system or an automated nutrient dosing/fertigation system will always produce a higher quality crop than one which is manually operated.

An investment in the partial or full automation of a greenhouse will quickly pay for itself.

Pure Hydroponics provides a range of high quality control products which are suitable for entry level growers right up to serious commercial growers.

All of our products are easy to use, easy to maintain, and are backed by a comprehensive guarantee of quality.

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