Misting Controller

The Balance Arm Misting Controller is a simple yet effective automated sprinkler/misting controller.

The unit is supplied in a kit which contains everything you need to get started. (NZ$335.00 + GST)

This includes:

  • Balance Arm Controller with Mercury Switch
  • One Solenoid Valve
  • Three Misting Nozzles (15mm BSP Thread)
  • Power Pack (24 Volt AC)

All the grower needs to do is supply their own 15mm PVC pressure pipe with 15mm Faucet Sockets or 15mm Faucet Tees to screw the misting nozzles into as well as any extra misting nozzles that may be required to cover a larger area.

The nozzles need to be arranged in a 900mm x 900mm configuration for good coverage.

Alternatively the grower can just purchase the controller only (NZ$205.00 + GST) and use their own misting nozzles and solenoid valves to set up a professional misting system.

The Balance Arm controller has a sensitive gauze covered spade device which simulates the wetting and drying of a leaf.

When a misting cycle is in progress the spade surface becomes wet and tilts the mercury switch to the “Off” position.

As the spade dries out it becomes lighter it begins to rise and tips the mercury switch to the “On” position.  This signals the controller to activate the solenoid valve and another misting cycle commences. The misting cycle continues until the spade device is wet and heavy enough to close the switch again.

The sensitivity of the leaf sensor spade is able to be adjusted with a threaded weight to set the appropriate misting intervals.

On warm dry days there will be more misting cycles than on cooler, overcast days. This simulates nature and results in a high quality crop of seedlings.

The Balance Arm Controller therefore acts like a switch and is inserted in between one of the 24VAC wires that supplies power to the solenoid valve, which supples water to the misting nozzles.

No electrican is required to install the units as it is all low voltage wiring that can be safely done by the grower.


Misting Controller Kit          NZ$335.00 + GST (Controller, 3 Nozzles, Solenoid Valve, Transformer)

Controller only                       NZ$205.00 + GST

Solenoid Valve 24V AC         NZ$    52.00 + GST

Transformer 24V AC             NZ$    58.00 + GST

Misting Nozzles (Each)        NZ$       9.00 + GST