CO2 Injection Controllers

Pure Hydroponics can supply intelligent controllers specifically designed for dosing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in growroom situations.

CO2 is used by plants during photosynthesis. In combination with water and solar energy the CO2 is absorbed and converted by plants into Carbohydrates which are used for energy and growth. Ambient air CO2 levels average at around 380 ppm & plants act as a sink for this carbon dioxide.

Provided that the correct temperature, humidity,  light and nutrient solution levels are present, optimising the CO2 levels in a growroom has been shown to result in a dramatic increase in crop yields – Often in excess of 40%!

CO2 controllers are used to inject bottled CO2 gas into the growroom environment via a regulator attached to an electric solenoid valve. The Co2 controller has an inbuilt sensor which monitors ambient CO2 levels and a light sensor detects whether there is light entering the growing area. The grower programmes the CO2 setpoint they require and the controller will then automatically open the solenoid valve on the C02 bottle to maintain the CO2 setpoint for the longest duration period possible when artificial lighting is operational. The unit does not dose CO2 when there is no light present in the grow room as CO2 is not required by plants during the dark period.

The main problem with artificial lighting is that it creates heat. The use of Venting or Extraction Fans during periods of CO2 injection is therefore uneconomical as it will remove the injected CO2 from the growing area. The CO2 controllers overcome this problem by switching on air conditioning units or by allowing CO2 to be injected up until a maximum temperature level before venting or fans are activated. The use of  “Cool Tubes”  on artificial lighting allows heat to be stripped away from just above the surface of the bulb and extracted outside of the growing area.

An audible alarm or indicator light warns the grower when CO2 injection is in progress so that they do not enter the growroom during this time.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for pricing on CO2 controllers, CO2 regulators, Solenoid Valves and Cool Tubes.

(For injecting CO2 into commercial greenhouses please refer to the page “Greenhouse Environment Controllers”)