Solar Integrator Controller

The Solar Integrator Controller is designed to be retro fitted to existing irrigation controllers in order to give them solar activation capabilities.

A common limitation with standard irrigation controllers is that irrigations are triggered on a timed basis.

Light intensity is the main driving force for plant growth and this level of intensity varies constantly throughout the day.

On clear sunny days plants require much more water or nutrient solution than on cloudy overcast days. These changes in demand are not accounted for if plants are irrigated on a timed basis.

By retro fitting a solar integrator controller to an irrigation controller (e.g Hunter controller) you are able to keep to the same “Run times” (the time the pump is on for) but the “Start Times” (the times when the pump is activated)  becomes solar activated based on the levels of light intensity entering the growing area.

A solar sensor is placed above the crop and this measures the amount of light intensity from the sun. A solar set point is pre-programmed into the Solar Integrator controller.  This defines when the pump on the irrigation system will be triggered. The Solar Integrator controller has a digital counter which begins counting at zero and gradually counts up on the digital display towards the pre-programmed solar set point.

On clear sunny days the solar counter will turn over very quickly, and on overcast days the solar counter will count slower.

Once the pre-programmed solar set point is reached the pump is activated and all zones are irrigated for the designated “Run time”.

The solar counter immediately resets itself to Zero and begins counting upwards again.

The use of a solar integrator brings economy to a hydroponic or irrigation system. The crop is only fertigated or irrigated when it really needs it which prevents plant stress caused by overwatering or underwatering.  This also conserves valuable hydroponic nutrients, water and electricity.

All exisiting irrigation controllers need to be modified so they are compatible for the Solar Integrator controller. Growers can send their controllers to Pure Hydroponics for this modification and the units can then be sent back to the grower on express courier with the Solar Integrator controller pre-wired and ready to go.

Alternatively a new kit with new irrigation controller and solar integrator can be couriered for easy installation.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for pricing.


Solar Integrator Controller