Cloche Tunnels

Cloche Tunnels are a low cost alternative to using a steel framed commercial greenhouse.

They provide an excellent level of crop protection and are compatible with a wide range of crop covers such as clear greenhouse film, shadecloth or frostcloth.

The corrosion resistant steel hoops can be inserted directly into soil or they can be purchased specifically for attaching to the side of raised growing beds or NFT tables.

A spring loaded steel wire “Spring Clip” pulls over each hoop and slots into a groove which runs along the centre of  each hoop. This allows film or textile crop covers  to be clipped firmly in place to withstand wind and storms.

The crop covers can also be lifted up the side of the hoops and clipped into place to allow ventilation or increased sunlight to reach the crop.

Frames are spaced at  intervals of 1 metres or more depending on crop cover used.

The Cloche Tunnels are available in 14 different profiles (see below).

The frames are sold in packs of 25 Frames & Clips or sold individually.

The most popular sizes for hydroponics are as follows:

  • The CLO13HY which fits over an NFT Fixed Bench which is 6 gullies wide
  • The CLO1.8HY which fits over an NFT Fixed Bench which is 8 gullies wide

Please see the full range and installation instructions below and e-mail Pure Hydroponics for pricing.

Cloche Installation & Assembly Guidelines

Installation of Cloche Frames for a Raised Garden