Drum Pumps

Drum Pumps are a great device for safely and accurately decanting acid and a range of other everyday agrichemicals and solutions used in hydroponics.

The plastic drum pumps are resistant to a wide range of acid, alkaline, caustic, and chlorine based chemicals, oils, crop chemicals, diesel and liquid fertilisers.

Simply remove the lid of the container you wish to decant from and drop the Drum Pump stem into it and begin pumping the handle. The liquid is then drawn up the stem and discharged from a spout  into the container you are decanting into.

The drump pumps do not use a piston or vaccuum mechanism to work and discharge liquid on both the downward and upward stroke of the pump handle.

A safety measure device is able to be connected to the drum pump to allow exact quantities of liquid to be discharged into a sealed measuring device without any splashing. This is exactly what commercial growers need for safely decanting pH corrector solutions.

The Drum Pumps also come with a threaded adaptor fitting which can be screwed onto the outlets of most commonly available containers, jerry cans or drums to provide a completely sealed and splash free operation.

Drum Pump Sizes:

  • Drum Pumps suitable for 25 Litre containers
  • Drum Pumps suitable for 200 Litre barrels
  • All options can be supplied with an optional Safety Measure Device for corrosive solutions.


  • Standard Straight Spout
  • Safety Measure Spout – for using with safety the measure or as a splash guard.
  • Approx. 400mls (15oz) delivery per stroke
  • Anti-pumping/child safety device
  • Outlet spout swivels to prevent drips
  • 24 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Service Kits
  • Full range of Drum Attachment fittings available
  • Suitable for Drum sizes 15 to 1000 litre (5 to 220 gals.)
  • Will siphon with a long hose fitted to the standard straight spout and provided the fluid source is higher than the receptacle. Be sure to break siphon to prevent unintentional siphon action.
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