Run Off Catchment Gutters

Run Off Catchment Gutters are an economical way to collect nutrient runoff from media filled bags and slabs and divert it to a catchment tank.

When using a Drip fertigation system the grower usually maintians a run off volume of between 10 – 30% of the amount of nutrient solution applied to the crop.

This ensures the growing media (e.g. cocoslabs) are well flushed and excess nutrient salts do not accumulate in them.

The runoff that flows from the base of the cocoslabs therefore needs to be collected and diverted to a catchment tank where it can be used on outdoor soil crops, or else the runoff can be filtered, treated and reused in a dilute form in combination with fresh nutrient solution.

Pure Hydroponics supplies an easy to use catchment gutter which is flexible and is 230mm wide across the base and 65mm high on the sides.

Simply let us know how long your rows of guttering need to be and we can supply the guttering as a roll which is unwound inside the greenhouse.

A plastic grate is then placed inside the guttering onto which your cocoslabs or grow bags sit on.

Special end caps with a built in outflow fitting are supplied with the guttering to allow growers to fit their own drain pipe which leads back to a common catchment tank.

The Run Off Catchment gutters are ideal for tomato, capsicum, cucumber and flower growers and they are a fraction of the cost of the metal hanging gutter systems which are commonly used for this purpose.

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Run Off Catchment Gutters

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Run Off Catchment Gutters