Flexible Run Off Catchment Gutters

Flexible Run Off Catchment Gutters are a lower cost option for growers who have an even slope on their greenhouse floor.

The gutters are rolled out and placed on  top of the soil/gravel floor or on top of weedmat, reflectamat.

A plastic grate is placed inside the base of the gutter and the edges of the flat gutter are folded up along preformed channels to enable the gutter to have an edge on both sides which clips to the plastic grate with special gutter clips. The clips also hold the 13mm, 16mm or 19mm lateral tube which carries the nutrient solution to the drippers along each row.

The Flexible gutters are  230mm wide across the base and 65mm high on the sides. (Wider widths are available)

Simply let us know how many rows of guttering you need and how long they need to be and we can supply the guttering as a roll which is unwound inside the greenhouse with the corresponding number of  drainage grates, which your cocoslabs or grow bags sit on.

Special end caps with a built in outflow fitting are supplied with the guttering to allow growers to fit their own drain pipe which leads back to a common catchment tank. A plain end cap goes on one end and an end cap with a spout goes on the drainage end of the gutter.

The Run Off Catchment gutters are ideal for tomato, capsicum, cucumber and flower growers and they are a fraction of the cost of the metal hanging gutter systems which are commonly used for this purpose.

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Run Off Catchment Gutters

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The gutters are imported into New Zealand so are not stocked in New Zealand.

We can also send directly from the overseas factory to overseas locations to reduce costs.


Run Off Catchment Gutters