Bluelab Non-Recirculating System Dosing Controllers (Batched Dosing)

Non Recirculating Hydroponic systems are those which have a central mixing tank from which the crop is fed but the system is one way i.e. the nutrient does not return back to the tank.

Examples of this include:

Drip Fertigation Systems – The crop is usually grown in bags or slabs and fed with pressure compensated drippers. A mixing tank (Batching tank) is filled with fresh water, mixed and dosed with nutrient and pH corrector and then fed to the crop a number of times a day as required via a solar trigger or on a timed basis.

Any excess nutrient that flows out of the base of the bags or slabs (runoff) is collected in catchment gutters and diverted to a catchment tank where it is reused on outdoor crops or it can be filtered, sanitised and recycled in dilute form. The idea is to promote between 10% – 30% of daily runoff per bag or slab to prevent the accumulation of excess nutrient salts in the growing media. This keeps the root zone of the crop at a stable EC and pH for optimal growth.

These types of hydroponic systems are popular for longer term vine crops, flowering crops or fruiting crops such as strawberries, tomatoes, capsicums and berry crops.

A non recirculating system batched dosing controller ensures the batching tank can be dosed and mixed on demand and fed out to all zones that require it.

This safeguards the health of the crop, increases yield, and frees up the grower to focus on the more important aspects of their business.