Bluelab Pro Controller (Nutrient & pH Doser) – With Connect! (Data Logging) – For Non Recirculating Batch Dosing Systems

The new Bluelab Pro Controller is perfect for using in a Non Recirculating, Batch Dosing configuration.

Batch Dosing is where a tank is filled with fresh water, automatically dosed with nutrient and acid stock solutions, mixed and aerated until the exact EC and pH strength is reached. The nutrient solution is then fed to the crop in response to a solar trigger or at pre-set timed intervals.

The precision and reliability of an automated batching system overcomes all the shortfalls of using venturis and proportional injectors.

The Bluelab Pro  Controller can be configured for batch dosing by connecting the Bluelab M3 or L3 triple peristaltic dosing pumps or by connecting the Bluelab Powerpod which allows you to activate any type of dosing pump or high flow solenoid valve – this gives it the capacity to handle any high flow dosing requirement for batching tanks from 500 litres to over 50,000 litres.

Customised Packages

The Bluelab Pro controller has the ability to be integrated with other technology to allow solar triggering and multi zone fertigation.

This enables it to perform many of the tasks that are usually only possible with a much more expensive and advanced fertigation controller.

Multiple zones can be irrigated with the same EC and pH strength on either a timed or solar trigger basis.

For Drip Fertigation systems the process of filling, dosing and mixing a batching tank becomes fully automated, which frees the grower up to concentrate on other aspects of their business.

Dosing is very accurate which means that a constant EC and pH level is maintained at all times. This results in improved plant health, higher yields and a more uniform crop.

The integrated system uses a Solar Integrator Controller to ensure that the crop is only irrigated when it needs it. On cloudy days the solar integrator counts slower and irrigates the crop less often than on clear sunny days. This prevents over-watering and provides substantial savings on fertiliser, electricity and water usage.

For crops that are not grown under cover, a rain sensor can be supplied with the system to sense rainfall and prohibit irrigations when a certain volume of rainfall is measured. Irrigations then return to normal once the discs inside the sensor dry out, thereby simulating what the root zone around the crop is experiencing.

A Customised Batched Dosing System supplied by Pure Hydroponics typically consists of the following equipment:

  • Bluelab Pro Controller (For accurately dosing A,B and pH correction solution).
  • High Flow Peristaltic Dosing Pumps (For High Flow dosing of nutrient and acid stock solutions).
  • Or, a Bluelab Power Pod with Magnetic Drive Dosing Pumps for heavy duty dosing applications.
  • Hunter Modular Irrigation Controller (For the activation of the Fill Pump and Irrigation Pump and the sequential irrigation of multiple cropping zones for a prescribed “Run Time”).
  • Solar Integrator Controller (This allows the system to operate on a solar trigger basis. Plants are therefore irrigated less frequently on overcast days = nutrient, water and electricity savings).
  • Optional Rain Sensor for soil crops or outdoor crops (Prohibits irrigations from taking place on wet days).
  • Bluelab Alarm Lockout Box & Relays (This prevents the batching tank from being Filled, Dosed and Mixed when the crop is being irrigated).
  • Pump Start Relays for the Fill Pump and Main Irrigation Pump (Pumps are activated when required).
  • High and Low Level Float Switches for Batching Tank (Prevents the overfilling of the batching tank or the irrigation pump from running dry).

Irrigation Sequence

The Batched dosing system is designed to work as follows:

  • A Solar Trigger is received from the Solar Integrator
  • The Hunter controller triggers the batching tank to be Filled (via Fill pump), Dosed (via the Bluelab Pro Controller) and Mixed (via Mix valve on main pump).
  • The Fill, Dose and Mix cycle is programmed as the Station 1 “Run Time” on the Hunter controller (e.g. 15 minutes). If the tank is filled faster than 15 minutes then the float switch automatically deactivates the fill pump while the Dose and Mix functions continue as normal until 15 minutes have passed. The full 15 minutes enables the contents of the tank to be thoroughly dosed and mixed so it is ready for irrigating to the crop. (The fill, mix and dose cycle time can be reduced depending on how fast the tank can be filled)
  • After the Fill, Dose and Mix cycle has finished the tank should be at the correct EC and pH strength and be well oxygenated and mixed, ready for irrigating.
  • The Hunter Controller then immediately switches to “Station 2” and opens the solenoid valve leading to the first zone in the crop.  This zone is then irrigated for its pre-programmed “Run Time” (e.g. 3 minutes).  All the remaining Zones are then irrigated for their respective “Run Times” (e.g. 3 minutes) until all zones have been irrigated.
  • The system then goes on standby until the next solar trigger is received.
  • Once the next solar trigger is received the tank then Refills, Doses and Mixes (e.g. 15 minutes) and then irrigates all the Zones in sequence.
  • No “Start Times” need to be programmed on the Hunter controller if the Solar Integrator is used. Only the “Run Times” need to be programmed for each Station (Zone) and only on “Program A” because everything is triggered by solar instead of on a timed basis.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics on how this great system can be used to automate your Drip Fertigation System.

Bluelab Pro Controller – With Connect – Instruction Manual

Bluelab Powerpod Instruction Manual

A tailored package with suitably sized dosing pumps can be quoted upon request. 

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