Bluelab Monitors (24/7) (EC, pH, Temp)

A Monitor is a measuring device which is fixed in position alongside a hydroponic mixing tank.

Unlike a meter which is battery powered and portable, the monitor is not portable as it needs to be plugged into a power socket to operate.

The beauty of a monitor is that it provides a 24 hour reading on a brightly lit LED screen. The monitor allows three variables to be measured and displayed on the LED screen at the same time.

A grower can, therefore, walk into their pump room and immediately see what the pH, Conductivity and Temperature readings are for their nutrient solution.

The brightly lit screen allows readings to be clearly seen at night. The monitor is always turned on and the probes stay sitting in the hydroponic solution 24 hours a day.

A monitor is a much easier device to use if a grower is manually dosing a tank as they can keep their hands free whilst immediately seeing the change in nutrient solution strength as stock solutions are added to the tank.

The monitor can be set to activate an alarm if setpoints are breached. Data logging and remote access to view settings is also possible on the “Connect” versions.