Domestic Vertical Growing Systems

The Pure Hydroponics Vertical Growing Systems are the perfect solution for homeowners who wish to grow a variety of fresh produce for home consumption.

They are a compact system with a small footprint which makes them ideal for balconies, patios or office settings – basically anywhere where natural sunlight is available.

The vertical towers are a Hexagon shape to allow plants to receive light from a range of angles. The tower is assembled in modules, allowing the grower to add extra modules to increase the plant capacity and the height of the tower.

The system is fully recirculating which makes them very water and nutrient efficient. The nutrient solution is pumped to the top of the tower and it then cascades down the center through specially designed channels to promote aeration of the roots and the nutrient solution. The solution is then collected in the tank and recirculated again.

The wheels on the base of the system allow the tower to be rotated every few days if required to optimise the amount of sunlight received by the crop.

Each system comes with the following equipment:

  • Tank with wheels on base.
  • SubmersiblePump with 10 metre cable
  • Timer (for pulse feeding and power savings)
  • PVC Growpots
  • 25x25x40mm Rockwool growing media
  • Interlocking hexagon modules
  • Liquid hydroponic nutrient stock solution for first crops.

Please talk to Pure Hydroponics for pricing on these well-designed systems that allow homeowners to grow an abundance of fresh produce.