Greenhouse Films, Textiles & Accessories

Pure Hydroponics supplies a full range of Greenhouse Films, Textiles and Accessories.

These can be used in a wide range of applications to improve crop performance.

All products are of a very high quality and carry a long term warranty.

Horticultural Textiles 

  • Weedmat (For preventing weedgrowth)
  • Reflectamat (A white reflective greenhouse flooring cover for improving light transmission under crops and promoting growing areas which are sterile and cool)
  • Shadecloth (For reducing light intensity in a growing area)
  • Windbreak (For reducing wind speed into a growing area)
  • Vent Net (For maximising ventilation and for shielding out birds and insect pests from a growing area)

Horticultural Films

  • 180 Micron Duratough Greenhouse Film (A clear, durable film for covering greenhouses and crop tunnels)
  • Panda Film ( A waterproof, light reflective, hard wearing film for lining the walls and floors of greenhouses and growrooms – white on one side, black on the other)


  • Polyguard (For protecting Films and Textiles from abrasions when they are in contact with a greenhouse frame)
  • All Weather Greenhouse Film Repair Tape (For repairing small to medium tears in a greenhouse film)
  • Patchbond Greenhouse Film Repair Tape (For repairing large tears in a greenhouse film)
  • Greenhouse Film Clipping Systems (For attaching films and textiles to a greenhouse structure)
  • Vortex Fans (For maximising air movement within a greenhouse)

Please see the following pages for a more in depth description of each item.