Weedmat is an ideal product for covering the soil around outdoor crops or for covering the floors inside greenhouses/shadehouses.

It significantly reduces the prevalence of weeds and makes it much easier to sweep up fallen leaf matter from the ground and keep growing areas clean.

Weedmat is manufactured from tough woven commercial grade polypropylene.

The heavy duty material weighs between 100 – 105 grams per square metre and is UV stabilised for a long lifetime outdoors.

The weedmat still allows soil to breathe which reduces fungal growth beneath the weedmat and reduces the likelihood of the soil going sour.

When weedmats are used there is less requirement to use Agrichemicals for targeting weeds, and the persistence of aggressive weeds can be reduced by over 90%.

Water usage can also be reduced as the weedmat slows down moisture transfer and minimises evaporation.

The lifetime of the weedmat can be extended by covering it with bark or gravel.

A Pro-rata 2 year UV warranty applies to this product (conditions apply).

Weedmat is stocked with the following sizes & accessories:

  • 0.91m x 50m roll (Black)
  • 1.83 m x 50m roll (Black)
  • 3.66m x 50m Roll (Black)
  • Weedstaples (steel) 125mm Long x Box of 200
  • Weedstaples (Steel) 225mm Long x Box of 200
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 50 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 100 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 200 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 500 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 17cm x 200 pieces

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