Vortex Fans

Vortex Fans are a high air flow fan designed to provide a steady horizontal movement of air through a greenhouse.


Continuous air movement within a greenhouse has many benefits:

  • Promotes a steady rate of transpiration within a crop = Less stress.
  • Reduction of heat loading within the greenhouse structure.
  • Layers of humidity are moved away from the top of the crop to improve transpiration and reduce tip burn or other calcium transportation problems within the plant.
  • Dryer foliage = Less fungal disease.
  • Carbon Dioxide is more evenly dispersed throughout the greenhouse = Increased yields.
  • Working conditions are made more pleasant for greenhouse workers = Higher productivity.
  • High Air Flow – (1 fan per 400m2 depending on crop type)
  • Low Running Cost 200W motor (240 Volt)
  • Corrosion Free Aluminium Body
  • Double End Safety Grilles
  • 12 month Parts Warranty
  • Lightweight – Easy to Suspend
  • White Powder Coated Surface for Light Reflection

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