Patchbond Greenhouse Film Repair Tape

Patchbond adhesive tape is designed for the long term repair of large cuts and tears in greenhouse film covers.

The tape has an aggressive acrylic based adhesive which has excellent resistance to UV and moisture.

The patching system of repair spreads the load accross a greater area and improves the lifetime of the repair.

The patching system works as follows:

1) A spare piece of greenhouse film (patch) is cut to suit the hole being covered. The edges of the patch should be at least 100mm wider on all sides than the hole being covered. On larger holes the edges should be 200mm wider on all sides. All corners of the patch should be rounded. Ideally the plastic used for the patch should be the same as used on the surface being repaired.

2) Once the patch is cut it is laid out on a flat surface and the Patchbond tape is applied side by side in strips to one side of the patch until it is completely covered. Ensure all air bubbles are rolled out.

3) Remove the backing paper off the Patchbond strips to reveal the adhesive.

4) Place the patch over the damaged area of film. Press and roll out any air bubbles to provide full adhesion.

Pathbond tape is available in the following sizes:

  • 50mm x 25m Roll   – NZ$29.00
  • 150mm x 25m Roll – NZ$72.00