Vent Net

Vent Net is highly recommended for lining the sidewalls of greenhouses and shadehouses.

By screening the walls and roof vent openings with Vent Net a grower can exclude many larger insects, birds and other pests from the growing area.

This reduces the need to use agrichemicals or organic sprays for pest control, prevents bird damage and keeps the growing area free of wind blown debris.

Vent Net also reduces the impact of driving rain and strong winds to promote plant health.

The fabric has an open strand knitted construction, which provides superior airflow to maximise the natural cooling effect.

Vent Net is manufactured from commercial grade U.V Stabilised Polypropylene yarn for long life performance and it carries a 3 year pro rata UV warranty.

Available in cut lengths:

  • Vent Net 2.4 m wide per lineal metre
  • Vent Net 4.0 m wide per lineal metre

Use standard greenhouse clipping systems (e.g lockstrip) to attach Vent Net to a greenhouse structure.