Ultramat – White Reflective Flooring

Long life, white woven ground cover (Ultramat) is the best way to keep the inside of a greenhouse sterile & cool and to maximise light transmission.

This product is extensively used by professional greenhouse growers.

Its many features are as follows:

  • The white surface reflects light back underneath crops to improve light transmission and improve yields.
  • Reflects heat causing rays away from the ground instead of absorbing it.
  • Extremely effective in hot regions where the internal temperature of the greenhouse is noticeably cooler when this product is used.
  • Promotes sterility inside greenhouses.
  • Dirt or fallen leaf matter is easily noticed and is easy to sweep up.
  • Has a permeable membrane which allows excess water or nutrient runoff to pass through it into the soil or drainage system beneath to prevent pooling and algal growth.
  • The breathable qualities prevent the soil beneath the fabric from going sour.
  • Reduces weed growth (does not suppress weed growth entirely as it still transmits a small amount of light. Spray the ground area first before installing)
  • Includes marker lines (300mm spacing) woven into the fabric along its length to assist with the perfect alignment of planter bags, cocoslabs or other greenhouse equipment.
  • Made from an extremely hard wearing 110 grams per square metre fabric to withstand heavy foot traffic and harvesting trolleys.
  • Colour – White
  • Material – PP with UV stabiliser
  • Weight – 100-110 GSM
  • Light reflection – 75%
  • Water permeability – 10 l/m2.sec
  • 3 year pro rata UV warranty

Ultramat is stocked in the following sizes with accessories:

  • 1.1m x 100m Roll
  • 2.7m x 100m Roll
  • 3.3m x 100m Roll
  • 4.15m x 100m Roll

Cut Lengths are also available

  • Weedstaples (steel) 125mm Long x Box of 200
  • Weedstaples (Steel) 225mm Long x Box of 200
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 50 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 100 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 200 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 12cm x 500 pieces
  • Plastic Weednails 17cm x 200 pieces

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