Filter Bags

Filter Bags are essential for reducing organic sediment build up in rainwater collection tanks, and for keeping the nutrient solution clean in recirculating hydroponic systems (E.g NFT Systems).

The bags are pulled over the end of the return pipe to capture any waste material such as old leaves, loose media and root matter before it can enter a mixing tank or rainwater holding tank.

The bags are hand made in New Zealand from highly durable monofilament polyethylene UV stabilised yarn mesh. The mesh size is 0.24mm x 0.75mm. The bags have two heavy duty loop straps  and bracing for securing the bags to the drain pipe.

Once full of waste matter the bags are easily unhooked, emptied and cleaned.

If the recirculating nutrient solution in a hydroponic system is left unfiltered, a layer of sediment will build up on the base of the tank and the levels of micro organisms in the system will increase, putting stressed plants at greater risk of disease.

A well filtered nutrient solution means there is less blockages, cleaning and maintenance required on filters, microtubes, pumps and gullies. The overall hydroponic system stays clean and in a healthy state for longer.

Pure Hydroponics supplies two sizes of Filter Bags:

  • Medium – 650mm long  x 440mm Wide (Most popular size – 1000 – 4000 litre tanks)
  • Large – 1500mm long x 440mm Wide (4000 Litre tanks or larger, or for systems with heavy organic loading)