Propagation Trays

Pure Hydroponics stocks a wide range of trays for hydroponics or general horticultural use.

Cell Trays (for Hydroponic use) – These are ideal for filling with a sterile media such as vermiculite, pumice or perlite or an approved seed raising mix. The root systems from the seedlings then form a root bound “plug” which is easy to remove from the cell tray and transplant directly into an NFT gully.

Cell Trays (for general horticultural use) – These are ideal for filling with a media such as potting mix, coir or a seed raising mix. Once the seedligns form a root bound plug the plugs can then be removed from the cell trays and planted directly into soil or media filled pots where they remain until maturity.

Rockwool Trays – These are a specially made carry tray to fit our 1.2m x 2m Ebb and Flow table plates. Growers typically fill these trays with 25x25x40mm rockwool cubes and arrange the trays on their Ebb and Flow tables.

Teri Trays – These are ideal for filling with rockwool cubes and are used to fill any gaps that may surround the Rockwool Trays mentioned above.

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