Teri Trays

These rigid plastic Teri Trays are designed for the easy handling of rockwool cubes when they are used on Ebb and Flow propagation tables or in other types of propagation system.

The trays have a usable base area of 133mm wide x 133mm long.

Some growers use Teri Trays as their main type of tray whereas other growers use them to fill up any space which is unused by larger trays (e.g Rockwool trays)

The tray dimensions are designed so that 25 of the Pure Hydroponics 25x25x40mm Rockwool cubes can fit perfectly inside each tray.

The Teri Trays are lightweight and can be inter-stacked to reduce shipping costs.

They also  have drainage slits in the base to allow for a flood and drain action and removal of run off.

Please contact Pure Hydroponics for pricing.