Seedling/Cell Trays

Cell Trays are a convenient way of raising and transporting large numbers of seedlings.

The trays are made of rigid plastic and are lightweight and stackable.

The outside dimensions of each tray is the same but the cell sizes contained within the trays varies depending on the growers preference.

Small, short term seedlings with minimal root mass will usually only require a tray with small cells.

Seedlings with a larger root mass or ones which will occupy a tray for a longer period of time will require a larger cell size.

Free flowing media such as coir, vermiculite or scoria is scooped onto the top of the trays and then levelled out. Seeds are planted into the top of each cell and then the tray is watered and put into the normal propagating system e.g Ebb and Flow tables or Overhead Sprinklers.

Once the seeds germinate and the seedling develops its first true leaves and a good root mass, the seedlings can be pulled out of the cell trays like a plug. The roots would have formed into a tight ball and this plug can then be placed directly into a hydroponic system (e.g NFT gully) or into a larger media filled grow pot or cocoslab.

Once all the seedlings have been removed from the cell tray, the tray is then hosed down and placed in a soak bath containing a liquid sanitiser (e.g Oxine). This sterilises the tray so it is ready for the next crop.

Each cell tray is 280mm wide x 540mm long.

The cell quantities available in each tray are as follows:

  • 32 Cell Tray – 59mm across the top x 62mm deep x 38mm across the base – round or square cells
  • 50 Cell Tray –  40mm across the top x 51mm deep x 30mm across the base – round or square cells
  • 72 Cell Tray – 38mm across the top x 46mm deep x 22mm across the base – round or square cells
  • 105 Cell Tray – 32mm across the top x 48mm deep x 18mm across the base –  square cells
  • 128 Cell Tray – 29mm across the top x 40mm deep x 15mm across the base –  square cells
  • 200 Cell Tray – 24mm across the top x 43mm deep x 11mm across the base –  square cells
  • 288 Cell Tray – 20mm across the top x 42mm deep x 9mm across the base –  square cells

We can also supply an injection moulded 144 Cell Tray

  • 144 Cell Tray dimensions: 395mm x 395mm
  • Cell dimensions: 32mm x 32mm x 40mm
  • Cell volume: 21cc
The trays come in boxes of 100 trays.
Bulk discounts are available.