Roll Up Heat Pads

Roll Up Heat Pads are the best way to maximise performance in a propagating system over winter or year round.

Simply lay these mats on your propagating table with a sheet of waterproof panda film over the heat pad to protect it from excess moisture.

A 25 – 50mm thick polystyrene sheet should be laid under the heat pad to prevent heat loss from the bottom and to maximise the upward radiance of heat.

Media filled propagating trays or Ebb and Flow table trays can then be placed on top of the heatpads.

Place the thermostat probe into the propagating media and it will automatically turn the heat pads on and off to maintain a desired media temperature.

Custom Length Roll up Heat Pads (Thermostat Must Be Purchased Separately)

Can be made to any length. No built in thermostat so thermostat must be purchased separately. 1 thermostat can control any number of heat pads simply by connecting  a multiplug power board to the themrostat. When the heatpads are not in use the thermostat can also be used to control other electrical devices such as fans, heaters or chillers.

Simply use two 550mm wide heat pads side by side in parallel to achieve a greater coverage area and share the same thermostat controller.

550mm wide per metre $120.00 + GST

Thermostat for Heat Pad $120.00 + GST