Thermostat Controller

Pure Hydroponics can supply Thermostats which can be used to control any heating or cooling appliance.

The Thermostat Controllers have an operating range of – 30 degrees Celsius to + 30 degrees Celsius.

Simply plug your appliance into the plug socket of the Thermostat controller and connect the Thermostat controller plug to a 230 Volt power point.

The temperature probe attached to the thermostat is then placed into the medium you wish to have temperature controlled (e.g. hydroponic growing media, liquid or air)

Then set the desired temperature and the thermostat will will turn your heat pad on and off as required to maintain your temperature setpoint.

If you plug a multi board into the thermostat plug socket you can operate more than one heat pad or appliance at a time, provided that they all need to run at the same temperature.

We can also custom build thermostats to suit any temperature range outside of the + or – 30 Degrees Celsius parameters.

Replacement thermostats for heating cables are also available.

Our – 30 degrees Celsius to + 30 degrees Celsius Thermostat controllers are NZ$110.00 + GST.

Bulk discounts are available.