Perlite Lite Fill

Perlite Lite Fill is a new light weight render aggregate solution with many extended benefits. Perlite Lite Fill is a closed cell structure that does not absorb or hold any liquid. This is achieved during the expansion process where each particle is coated and dried prior to the screening process.

Perlite Lite Fill has many benefits to many different industries and products. The major benefits of Perlite Lite Fill are highlighted below:

  • Extremely Lightweight (your finished product can weigh up to 50% lighter)
  • Economical (spreads your product mixes further, in turn reducing operating costs)
  • Durable (inorganic so it wont rot or decay)
  • Fire Retardant (non combustable)
  • Insulating (4 times more resistant to heat transmission than sand)
  • Energy Efficient (significantly reduces the end users heating and cooling costs)
  • White Texture (enhances your finished products colour)
  • 100 Litre Bags

Perlite Lite Fill has been extremely successful in products such as:

  • Tiling Grout
  • Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Floor Screeds
  • Decorative Columns
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Filler for Resins
  • Plaster Moulds
  • Statues
  • Water Features
  • Masonary Blocks
  • Mortar
  • Table Settings
  • Plaques


Perlite Lite Fill is currently gaining significant momentum in the building and construction industry in both commercial and residential sectors, with the products beneficial characteristics reaching all users from the start of construction to the customers inhabitance of the building. Perlite Lite Fill could or is currently being used for the manufacture of the following products:

  • Renders
  • Concrete
  • Masonary Blocks
  • Bricks
  • Precast Slabs
  • Suspended Slabs
  • Flooring Screed
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Grouts
  • Cement
  • Cement Board
  • Plaster Board
  • Decorative Columns


The benefits that are gained from using Perlite Lite Fill are significant. Perlite Lite Fill enhances products so significantly that it gives users a competitive advantage over their competitors within the market place, savings and benefits are also gained by the end user with increased efficiency within the building structure due to Perlite Lite Fill. Benefits of Perlite Lite Fill are highlighted below:



  • Lightweight- significantly reduces strain placed on builders that use other products
  • Fire Retardant- increase the fire rating of a customers building with no special certification
  • Insulating- put the savings back into the pocket of your customer for years to come
  • Increased Niche- this is due to significant increased customer satisfaction
  • Save Money- spread your mixes further with Premium Lite Fill, reduce your expenses yet keep the same volume
  • Cost Efficient

Premium Lite Fill Loose Insulation

Perlite Lite Fill is a superior product of choice for masonry block insulation. Perlite Lite Fill is a form of premium perlite that has been coated to ensure that moisture is not retained within each free flowing particle, this makes Perlite Lite Fill far superior for insulation compared to other materials such as standard perlite or expanded polystyrene. The free flowing nature of Perlite Lite Fill ensures that every gap, crevice and space that would normally be left by other products is filled and insulation can be assured. Perlite Lite Fill is also inorganic, meaning it will not rot or decay and it cannot be consumed or destroyed by vermin that sometimes attack other insulation materials. Perlite Lite Fill is also classified as a material that is fire retardant (Perlite has a melting point of approximately 1200?C) and when compared to other materials that can possibly fuel a fire, Premium Lite Fill loose fill insulation leaves the builder and owner/occupier in a content frame of mind, knowing that the product used is completely safe and efficient. Even though Perlite Lite Fill improves your buildings fire rating significantly as part of insulation no extra qualifications are required to use and install the material.

Light Weight Renders

Perlite Lite Fill is gaining significant growth in the rendering industry, with many manufacturers of lightweight render products choosing to use Perlite Lite Fill in their render mixes. The properties that Perlite Lite Fill possesses are far greater to that than their current market competitors, often making the use of the render product much more efficient and in turn cost effective for both the renderer and the end user. The workability of Perlite Lite Fill render mixes are significantly improved purely due to decreased weight of mixes, improved troweling properties and a more even spread of the render. Perlite Lite Fill does not contain iron particles like sand does, preventing the possibility of rust marks in years to come. Perlite Lite Fill is a coated inorganic mineral that is extremely light weight which makes your new render mix extremely efficient to use and maximizes production for the whole day. Due to Perlite Lite Fills’ properties it possesses the ability to increase the insulation rating of your newly finished work, this is a fantastic niche, with customer satisfaction gained in years to come due to decreased heating and cooling costs. The insulating properties of Perlite Lite Fill can be explained by its ability to be four times more resistant to heat transmission when compared to products such as sand. As Perlite Lite Fill is inorganic and because of this it is highly resistant to vermin/fungi and growth as there is no nutritional value to them in Perlite Lite Fill, aiding to the buildings quality of life and its decreased susceptibility to age. The fire rating of a Perlite Lite Fill render mix is significantly higher than compared to that of its competitors; this is due to Perlite Lite Fill being non-combustible and insulating.

  • Light Weight
  • Cost efficient
  • Fire Proof
  • Insulating
  • Increased Acoustics
  • Paint Filler

Paint Filler

Perlite Lite Fill can be used as filler for paints, both oil and water based paint mixes. By doing so this light weight aggregate will allow paint mixes to spread much further than previously and there will be no loss of volume as Perlite Lite Fill is a closed cell structure that does not absorb any liquids. Exfoliators various grades of Perlite Lite Fill can be used to manipulate the desired textured and non-textured finishes, this can be further enhanced by using standard Perlite if a bold textured surface is desired. Perlite Lite Fill also acts as an excellent insulator when used for both the exterior and interior, this further enhances and improves the structures operating efficiency and operating cost for years to come. When using Perlite Lite Fill as filler for paints, the ease of use is greatly increased. Time and money spent on labour will now be reduced and working hours maximised with your new light weight paint. The mixtures are compatible for both industrial and commercial applications with the opportunity to be used with spray machinery and hand applications.

  • Light Weight
  • Textured and Non-Textured options
  • Insulating
  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Light Weight Fillers

Light Weight Fillers

The current fibre glassing and resin market have many different options available to them when it comes to using a light weight filler (nano and microspheres), some of these fillers are specific for different applications and application styles. Perlite Light Fill is used specifically as an inorganic filler for products such as shower bases, boats and many other fibre glass products. Perlite Lite Fill allows the user to spread their expensive resins much further whilst gaining greater volume and coverage from the product with a greater reduction in cost. Some initial trials have indicated that users could make savings within a range of 40-60% and these savings could be increased even further depending on the volume of products produced. As a filler, Perlite Lite Fill works extremely well and is further enhanced by the fact of its weight that it can significantly reduce the weights of finished goods which in turn result in greater saving through increased working efficiency as well as greater savings in transportation costs and other economic factors. The following benefits of Perlite Lite Fill are listed below:

  • Reduced Weight
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Reduced Resin Costs

Garden Ornaments

Perlite Lite Fill is often used to significantly reduce the weight of many gardening ornaments and features around peoples gardens. By adding Perlite Lite Fill to mixes when manufacturing various products such as statues, gnomes, wall features, tables, chairs and pots, the finished products can become up to 50% lighter with no visible differences to your finished product. This makes many products much more attractive to many gardeners who often struggle to move these products around their garden to change its appearance, installers will also be impressed due to the reduced effort to move, carry and place often large and extremely heavy products.

  • Up to 50% lighter
  • No visible difference to the finished products
  • More maneuverable and transportable around the garden
  • Increased target market due to reduced weight
  • Ideal for Pizza ovens!